What is commercial and industrial energy storage? What is the use? Jun 12, 2024

What is commercial and industrial energy storage?

Industrial and commercial energy storage is a typical application of distributed energy storage systems on the user side. It is characterized by being close to the distributed photovoltaic power source and load center. It can not only effectively increase the consumption rate of clean energy, but also effectively reduce the transmission of electric energy. losses to help achieve the “double carbon” goal.

Industrial and commercial energy storage system structure

Industrial and commercial energy storage systems are different from large-scale energy storage peaking and frequency regulation power stations. Its main purpose is to use the peak and valley price difference of the power grid to achieve investment returns. The main load is to meet the internal power needs of industry and commerce and maximize photovoltaic power generation for self-use, or Arbitrage through peak and valley spreads.

Industrial and commercial energy storage systems and energy storage power station systems include battery systems + BMS, PCS, EMS, transformers, racks, connecting cables, converging cabinets, lightning protection and grounding systems, monitoring and alarm systems, etc. The systems are all modularly designed. , system voltage and capacity can be flexibly configured.


High energy density, small size, light weight, green and environmentally friendly, stable and safe charging and discharging structure, good high temperature performance, high output power and long cycle life.


It can be applied to outdoor base stations, base stations without air conditioning such as village access, indoor macro base stations with limited space, indoor coverage/distributed source stations with DC power supply, and solar photovoltaic base stations in areas without mains power.

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